Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the Music Begin...

Well yesterday we started our music tour. To begin, Jeff brought us to a school in Cite Soleil (where we delivered water). Type Cite Soleil into Wikipedia to learn more about the area. We set up on the third floor of this school open air to all the surroundings, turned it up loud and just started playing. They brought about 300 kids up and we crammed into the space we had. The sweat was pouring, the kids were energetic and we began to see the passion and love that many in Haiti have for God.The glory of God revealed to us.

We then headed to one little house of a more rural area and crammed into the bedroom of Jude Jean Paul, a young man who has been a quadriplegic since he was 7.He is now 17. So as a couple of the girls rubbed lotion on his arms and legs, we sat and played music for him. It sounded so beautiful in his room, inspiring, and the Spirit of God moving! Before we left we laid our hands on Jude Jean Paul and through tear filled eyes we prayed. We prayed for healing, we prayed for God to show Himself and then we quietly left so his mother could continue to care for him. So simple, so good, and again the glory of God revealed.

Somewhere along the way we stopped at Saint Christophe, a mass burial site from the earthquake. (See the blog below)…
Then we made a stop at Grace Village, where Healing Haiti is building an orphanage, stay tuned on that as well…

We wrapped up our day at Guillaume’s orphanage. Again we set up our whole rig on a little platform surrounded by the area where the kids play. While we set up, the girls played head and shoulders, knees and toes with the kids. It’s so fun to see the kids in utter delight.
We began to play and this group of kids loved to sing and worship the Lord. As Jeremy began the song Agnus Dei, it became clear that they knew this song.
Arms raised, voices singing LOUD and at times drowning out the volume of our system, these kids lead us in worship. Then as the sun began setting upon our day and we were wrapping up, God again revealed Himself to us. Julie with her camera captured this moment perfectly. God just shining down upon Haiti!!

We've had some difficulty connecting to the internet today... so be patient and we'll get more stuff up as soon as we can.

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