Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haiti Internship & Graphic Design Volunteer Positions Available!

We are excited to offer a few new ways for Healing Haiti supports to literally plug into our ministry.  Check out brief volunteer descriptions below and see if you or someone you know is interested!

Internships: Healing Haiti has several life-changing opportunities for people who are interested in volunteering for a 3-month internships position in Haiti.  That's right, IN HAITI!  The following volunteer internship positions are available:

  • Elderly Intern: You will care for 28 elderly in our program.  You will help evaluate and prepare new elders and work with our Haitian Elder Care employees to ensure excellent care.
  • Guesthouse Intern: You will help coordinate team activities and assist in the daily functions of the Guesthouse.
  • Program Coordinator: You will help coordinate all programs at Grace Village including children's activities, setting up a small market, organizing donations, working with mission team leaders and more.
Full internship position descriptions are available.  If you or someone you know is interested in serving as an intern, please contact Cathy LeVahn at for more information.

Back stateside, Healing Haiti is also searching for a Graphic Design volunteer.  Regular projects include postcards/signs/banners/social web art/etc.  This volunteer needs to have relevant experience in print and web design, and have a good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.  Time commitment varies depending on need, but does build with preparation for Healing Haiti events (Sweetheart Ball in February, Kids Fun Run in May and Golf Event in August).  Please contact Erin Moser at to receive an application.  Applicants will also be asked to provide work samples.

Thank you for your interest, and help us spread the word so we can fill these positions and keep moving our mission forward!  Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grace Church Update: Movie Night with 3000 in Attendance and 34 New Christians!

We are excited to share another Grace Church update that includes 3000 people and 34 new Christians!!

Pastor Wesley recounts the story, "Last Sunday night, Grace Church members and leaders went down to Titanyen to show a movie.  About 3000 people were there praising the Lord.  After the movie I talked to the people in Titanyen to let them know why God sent Jesus Christ to die for them, so we can all have a new relationship with God and He will forgot our sin.  Pastor Wesley also shared with them that "as we believe in our heart and confess our sin, we can be saved in the name of Jesus Christ."  Then, 34 people invited Christ into their lives!  A lot of people stayed to learn more about Grace Church.  Pastor Wesley and others invited them to come to church so they can continue to worship God and learn more about Him.  We praise God for everything!

Thank you all for your prayers and support of Grace Church!!  

If you would like to support Grace Church in their mission in Titanyen, click here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grace Clinic Makes Positive Impact in Titanyen, Haiti Community

We are excited to share some updates with you about Grace Clinic! A Grace Village staff member had high praise for the clinic, saying that one of her family members had been enduring knee pain for years following an injury. She sought out medical care in many local facilities without finding any relief. After coming to Grace Clinic, she found help and medications, and is now pain-free! She is so thankful and is telling all her neighbors and family members to visit Grace Clinic when they are sick. Our staff member wanted us to know that the clinic is making a difference, and people in the community are talking about the good care they have received. Praise God!

Another man, who lives up in the mountain past Grace Village, said he sent a child to our clinic to find care. She had sores all over her head for a long time and was not able to find a cure. After finding treatment at Grace Clinic, she is now healed and healthy. He never knew there was a clinic at Grace Village before this and is excited for what this means for his community.

We have heard two other stories of praise this week from patients who found quality health care at Grace Clinic. We are so happy that God is using the clinic to serve the people of Titanyen. Please continue praying for this communityfor physical, spiritual, social, and emotional health.

To help Grace Clinic continue to make an impact on the local community, please donate by clicking here.  We are also so thankful for your prayers for this area of our ministry!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Charity Event & Silent Auction Raises $57,000 to Create Jobs in Haiti

Healing Haiti’s 4th Annual Charity Event & Golf Tournament could not have been on a better day of sunny skies and gorgeous weather.  On August 5th at Keller Golf Club in Maplewood, over 150 guests joined us for golf, music, good food, auctions and lots of laughs, while holding Healing Haiti’s Bakery & Job Creation Initiative close to their hearts as the reason for this event.  

All of our golfers had lots of fun playing the newly reopened Keller Golf Course, and there was plenty of competitive bidding taking place on over 100 items in the silent auction, while live music from the one and only Steve Duede played in the background.  During dinner, we enjoyed the program featuring a recap of the impact the 2013 event had on Grace Medical & Dental Clinic, a live auction, and a video casting the vision for this year’s initiative, the Grace Bakery & Job Creation Initiative.

The Grace Bakery and Job Creation initiative capitalizes on the opportunity to give HOPE through stable employment for Haitian moms and dads in Titanyen, Haiti.  Many Haitian parents are faced with the daily struggle of finding an income in an economy with 70% unemployment.  The lack of income forces many hardships on a family, including lack of food and essential nutrients that are critical to the wellness of their children.  Because of parents' inability to provide for their children, they are faced with the heartbreaking decision of whether to watch their children go hungry, or give them up to an orphanage, another relative or even a stranger that promises to take better care of the children.  Parents are very aware of the fact that it is not uncommon for this situation to lead to child slavery, where children is gravely mistreated and could be scarred for life.

Grace Bakery will create 50 sustainable jobs to parents such as these.  A stable income will give parents the ability to keep their children, provide for them, and see them thrive throughout their childhood.  We are very aware that women are often the sole provider for a family, as many fathers desert their family for any number of reasons.  History has shown that mothers are more likely to invest their income in their family, and also their community.  Because of this reality, we plan to provide many of these jobs to women.  The hope for a better tomorrow can become a reality to many families in Tiatnyen, one of the poorest villages in Haiti.

We are thrilled with the success of this year’s Charity Event & Golf Tournament.  $57,000 was raised and will help the launch of this bakery, which will be built just outside Grace Village, right next to the new Grace Church.

THANK YOU to all of this years’ participants, Corporate Sponsors, golfers, and dinner guests and donors to the auction.  We also could not have done this without the help of our incredible volunteers.  All of your support is critical to the success of this initiative!  We know that God is going to do great things through this initiative—even greater than we can imagine.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, click here to learn more and donate.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grace Church Kids Revival Recap

The Grace Church Kids Revival was awesome!!  Pastor Wesley shared that, "on Day One, 200 children attended and 5 accepted Christ!  The children were really encouraged to go back out into the community and invite other kids to come for the second day of the revival."

On Day Two, 300 kids attended. "The children really took the challenge seriously and brought in 100 additional children for the second day!  This day included intentional prayer for their city of Titanyen, and the challenge to make a positive difference in their community for God," Pastor Wesley recounted.

We want to give our utmost thanks for all of you who supported this revival in your thoughts and prayers.  We are continually amazed at all of the incredible things God is doing through Grace Church and it's ministries.