Friday, September 28, 2012

Dad, are you going to go fix things down there?

My son David asked me before I went to Haiti last week, "Dad, are you going to go fix things down there?". I told him that I was going to go help, but could not fix it. While I experienced a great deal and "helped" where I was able, God decided it was time to fix me. My eyes have been opened to the grand treasures we have that we take for granted and the extreme needs of others that are so very real.

Matthew 25

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Letter to the little girl in the purple dress with downs syndrome

Dear sweetie...thank you for blessing me today. As I started to play my guitar and sing you pressed in so close it was at first hard to play. Your face was inches from my hands and the strings as you peered deep into the sound hole in the guitar. Were you trying to figure out were the sound was coming from? You stood there for over an hour as we sang. I will never forget the moment you pressed in close enough to kiss the guitar strings as I strummed and then looked up at me and smiled. You melted my heart and healed a part that was broken. You were a gift to me from heaven and I will never forget you, the angel in the little purple dress.... Love and kisses back to you.