Sunday, June 3, 2012

Look Not to Earthly Things for Fulfillment

Eyes fixed on a prize that will but fade away in a matter of moments,

Look not to earthly things for fulfillment,

But look to the heavens for the greatest reward,

For it is in the hands and feet of Christ that our gaze may be shifted

 from an earthy promise of artificiality to that which really matters,

Take glance at that which surrounds you and witness the need for love

 and generosity among the most vulnerable of people,

Set down your possessions and free yourself of the binding act of


Extend your arms outward and reach out to those who yearn for your


May you be broken by those who you encounter,

May you be encouraged by the humbling of your heart

May you hear God's call in your life to serve his people through prayer,

 compassion, and commitment.

-Kayleen Smith