Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Haiti Snow Globe

Often times when I travel I bring home a snow globe to show others where I've been. As I was flying away from Haiti I wondered what a Haiti snow globe would look like.

This is my Haiti snow globe:

I would include all the familiar images people have seen recently on television, but I would also include much more if you look closely inside.

You would see the love and life of this beautiful place through the children. You would see the boy who lost his baby teeth, the genuine smiles on the kids faces, the girl holding a teddy bear. You would see the boy whose mother never gave up on him, the kids having the time of their life swimming. And you would see the princess playing hand games. You would see the future of this country will come from the children.

God's hands would be holding my Haiti snow globe. If it shook again He would hold it tighter and as in the past, He would send little bits of His Grace down upon it.

Once again I left part of my heart in Haiti. There is so much more I want to do there. Already I miss the kids, but my biggest image of hope came when up on the hill I saw Grace Village as I flew away.

I have been very Blessed in being able to travel to Haiti a few times this year and I ask God everyday to help me use my experiences to open others hearts to help these wonderful, poor people, who have touched so many like me.

God Bless Jeff & Alyn for their endless work Haiti.

Shelley Mannella

Healing Haiti Team Leader

June 2010