Monday, April 23, 2012

Serendiptious-"Come Upon or Found by Accident"

Our team is made up of a variety of goers: some first-timers, some
 who have been there a few times, and one who will be on his 40th

This will be my 5th trip.  My prayer, as it has been each trip,  is for God
to use me to be a light in a dark and desperate place.  I pray that the
people I meet don't see me, instead they feel the love of their Creator.
A serendipitous discovery has happened each time I've been in Haiti.
God has used the Haitian people to shine a light into dark areas of
 my heart: materialism and control.  These things distract me from
His Purposes and love.  The bonds of fear and materialism fade
away as I witness the passionate faith of the Haitian people as they
worship our Good Father.  It is amazing to hear Him honored,
praised and adored from those who have experienced abandonment,
 hunger, death, and destruction.  Humbling and inspiring.

My seven year old daughter asked me tonight, "Why doesn't God
just fix Haiti?"  God is fixing Haiti and He is using us to do it!
What I will share with her later, because I didn't think of it then,
is that not only is God using us to fix Haiti, God is using Haiti to
fix me!  I just LOVE how He works.  He is so GOOD!

Please join me in praying that God's love will be revealed
 in a new way in Haiti -  to the people we meet and for those
on our team, whether it's their 1st time or their 40th!

-Karen Moen