Friday, June 26, 2015

Jesus + Education = Hope

I was brought to tears as the students and teachers descended the hill and entered into Grace Church.  I am so proud to be a part of this great organization that is investing in our students and staff.
I thanked each of the teachers and students for coming to the first school assembly, where the speakers will discuss the importance of Jesus, education and building our community.
We had 2 pastors from North Heights speak to the students, Pastor Mindy Bak and Dustin Antoinette, Student Ministry Leader, and North Heights volunteer Ruben Joanem, who was born in Haiti and now living in MN, talk about their own experiences serving others, education and living Chris-filled lives.  Our own staff, Pastor Wesley, Salomon Georges, Madigan Wilguenson, Grace Academy Director and Student Class President Widley spoke to the students and teachers.  These speakers provided a vision that demonstrated the connection between education, hope and growth in Chris.
The event was a first for race Academy and Healing Haiti, and the 2015-16 calendar will reflect similar events throughout the year, with an end-of-year assembly celebrating this wonderful community.

Written by Carolyn Pugh, Education Advocate