Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grace Church Update: Movie Night with 3000 in Attendance and 34 New Christians!

We are excited to share another Grace Church update that includes 3000 people and 34 new Christians!!

Pastor Wesley recounts the story, "Last Sunday night, Grace Church members and leaders went down to Titanyen to show a movie.  About 3000 people were there praising the Lord.  After the movie I talked to the people in Titanyen to let them know why God sent Jesus Christ to die for them, so we can all have a new relationship with God and He will forgot our sin.  Pastor Wesley also shared with them that "as we believe in our heart and confess our sin, we can be saved in the name of Jesus Christ."  Then, 34 people invited Christ into their lives!  A lot of people stayed to learn more about Grace Church.  Pastor Wesley and others invited them to come to church so they can continue to worship God and learn more about Him.  We praise God for everything!

Thank you all for your prayers and support of Grace Church!!  

If you would like to support Grace Church in their mission in Titanyen, click here.

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