Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where is God?

That was our first question as we started our first full day in Haiti.

As we end the week, it turns out that God is here in Haiti.

He is in the children whose eyes sparkle with love and joy even though they are not clothed, have no shoes and live in the poorest, filthiest conditions imaginable. Many are sick and dying; many are orphaned; many are abandoned by their parents and forced to live on the streets fending for themselves.

He is in the volunteers who care for the sick and dying babies and children at Mother Teresa’s and the special needs children at Gertrude’s Home.

He is in the Healing Haiti team members who deliver water to the poorest of the poor in Cite Soleil.

He is in the elderly woman who patiently waited in line for water, but yet when it was her turn to fill her bucket, the water had run out; yet she still said “Merci”.

He is in Grace Village; that one day will be home to orphans and the elderly.

He is in Jude Jean Paul. A young man who suffered from so many seizures it caused permanent brain damage.He is a quadrapalegic. Who if he lived in the US would have been treated and suffered minimal affects.

He is in the people of Haiti who celebrate His love each day through devout worship and praise.

He is in all of us.

How are we going to show that He is in all of us?

Healing Haiti Team Members

Jeannette, Barb, Jan

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