Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beautiful Haiti

While we have traveled around all week in the back of pick-up truck, my eyes have been wide open. I've tried to take it all in, to open my heart and allow God to show me something... and He has. I have seen garbage strewn everywhere (literally everywhere). I have felt roads barely drivable for even the most extreme off-road vehicle (my back is still sore). I have smelled the kind of sewage that burns your nostrils when you breathe it in, and it runs through the streets. (this is the stuff Kristin stepped in a couple days back--see blog entry entitled Blessed) In the midst of all of this, people live!

And you may be asking, why did he title this entry "Beautiful Haiti"? What is beautiful about Haiti? This place is in an unbelievable setting, nestled between picturesque mountains and the green-blue hues of the Caribbean Sea. Last night we took a drive up one of these mountains, and from the top you begin to see the "Jewel of the Caribbean"... Haiti! From up on the mountain, you cannot see any garbage, or smell any sewage. The road was still a little bumpy, but it was worth it! It was truly a breathtaking panorama! I did not pass up the opportunity to get a quick snapshot with my wife!

BUT... the thing that is most beautiful about Haiti, is it's people, especially the children!! Their Dark weathered skin, calloused feet, and deep brown eyes draw you in... And with a simple, bon' jure (good morning), smiles emerge that could light up anyone's day. The sound of kids voices yelling the only english they know, "HEY YOU" has become a term of endearment for us all. The faith, the joy, and the way they find sufficiency in God is just plain good to see. We should all be better off to trust God like this! This place, Haiti, is beautiful. But more importantly it is filled with the most beautiful people I have ever seen! Glory to God!

--Kenny Bristol
Healing Haiti Team Member

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  1. beatiful:( i am crying whaaaaa


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