Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrating New Long-Term Missionaries & Summer Interns!

The good Lord continues to bless us with the most incredible Staff and Volunteers. We are thrilled to introduce you to two new long-term missionaries, as well as serveral new interns! Please include them in your prayers as they join us on the ever-exciting journey that God has us on!

Gates Lindquist: Long-Term Guesthouse Missionary
Assignment: June 1, 2015 - June 1, 2017
Gates has recently served two 3-month internships at the guesthouse.
God wrote Haiti into my life in October 2013, taking me by surprise and hitting me with an emotional bag of bricks. I had served in other developing countries, but there was something about the Haitian culture and people that continued to wreck my heart even after I returned to Minnesota. I found myself searching for a life of purpose through my career and material things, but never felt fulfilled. If someone would have told me I would be a Long Term Missionary serving in Haiti I never would have believed them. God must have a funny sense of humor, because a year later, I was on a plane moving to Haiti. Haiti was never in my life plan but it was certainly in God's plan for me, and all I had to do was let go and allow God be the author of my story. Moving to Haiti has been the most challenging, scary yet fulfilling experience. I feel so blessed to serve alongside such amazing and deserving people. I feel privileged to see God's hand at work daily in this beautiful country. Please keep the people of Haiti and myself in your prayers!

Kierstie (Kiki) Kirby - Long-Term Grace Village Activities Coordinator
Assignment: August 15, 2015 - August 15, 2017
Kiki is completing her 3-month internship and has accepted the long-term missionary role of Activities Coordinator at Grace Village, effective August 15, 2015.
My first trip to Haiti was in July 2012, and that week I absolutely fell in love with the country and the people of Haiti. I knew I would be back. I went on seven week-long trips and served a 5-month internship at a non-profit in Haiti while I was finishing my undergrad at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. As graduation was nearing, I knew the next step of my life would be spent in Haiti, I just didn't know how, when, or where. I began filling out applications and sending resumes and Healing Haiti just kept coming back to my mind. After much prayer I knew it would be my new home. I came in March of 2015 for an internship at Grace Village, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to spend the next two years here as Activities Coordinator. I love engaging with the kids and showing them the love of Christ by loving them unconditionally. It is amazing to see how the Lord has prepared me for this journey and I am so blessed as you support me financially and in prayer.

Kathy Aslakson - Activities Intern at Grace Village
Assignment: Summer internship
Kathy was one of the first long-term missionaries to serve at Grace Village.  As a professional teacher, Kathy's love for children was immediately apparent as she provided the love and encouragement they so desperately needed. Kathy graciously offers to return each summer to reconnect and spend time with the children she has come to love.  

Cara Claggett - Activities/School Intern at Grace Village
Assignment: Summer internship
The way God worked in me through the people of Haiti in July of 2013 forever changed my heart.  As I boarded the plane to return home the questions began.  Haiti had changed me, brought me priceless friendships, and took my prayer life to a whole new level.  But I was flooded with questions.  What do I do now?  I need to go back, but how?  When?  What is God's purpose for me in Haiti?  Well...He called me back three more times over the course of a year and a half.  I am a teacher at home and each time I visited Haiti it became more apparent.  The answer was, "The children."  I have been serving on the Healing Haiti Education team and I am overwhelmed by the work God is doing through the many volunteers who willingly give of their time and gifts.  I am so blessed to have the honor of working alongside some of those beautiful souls and love on God's precious children at Grace Village for six weeks this summer.  I will be serving in Haiti while my husband, Josh, serves a tour with the U.S. Navy so we are very grateful for your prayers and support on this journey and throughout this season of our lives.

Emily Eichelberger - Grace Village Intern
Assignment: Summer internship
I feel like God is leading me to this internship because he gave me a heart for people. I love helping people out and the first time I was in Haiti I knew it wouldn't be my last. He gave me so much love for the people of this country that I know only this kind of love can come from Him! I also had absolute peace about this internship, if I was meant to be in Haiti this summer God would find a way for me to be there.

Jake Stebbing - Guesthouse Intern
Assignment: Summer internship
Ever since God placed a burden on my heart for the orphaned around the world through the adoption of my siblings I have always felt compelled to work with the orphaned in some capacity. After visiting Haiti and witnessing it's beauty I felt an even stronger urge from God nudging me to trust Him and His path for me rather than my own. Once I arrived home from Haiti I could not stop thinking about the country and her people. The love, joy, and heartbreak I saw and experienced in Haiti drew me closer to God and I wanted to be able to contribute whatever I could. God has done great things in Haiti and has even greater things in store, and I'm humbled to get a glimpse of His Glory. 

Shalisa Wilson - Grace Village Activities Intern
Assignment: Summer internship
I am a 26-year-old Minnesota native.  I find joy in being a light to others around me. Since my first trip in 2012 and second in 2013, I have spent time volunteering in different avenues of the Healing Haiti organization. Guided by compassion and faith I knew God was calling me to continue to search for opportunities to serve in Haiti. My prayers have finally been answered and I eagerly await this opportunity to serve at Grace Village this summer.

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