Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Try to imagine bringing happiness...

As I sit here hardly able to hear a thing anyone is saying because it is raining so hard and it is so loud, I can't think about anything but how all the people living in the tents survive.

Today we went to three different tent cities to deliver water, and all of them unique in their own way. We shared words tonight, just one word, on how we would describe today, any why that word.

Wow - because that is what I keep saying every time I turn around and see something, all I can say is WOW.

Overwhelming - its so hard to take it all in and process the way of life here.

Shocking -its what I pictured it would be, but thought what I thought it would be, could not really be that way, but it is.

Hold - the kids are filled with love to just be in your arms, or hold your hand.

Smile - just a smile seems to make them feel so special.

Desperation - the children and the women fighting for themselves to get the water they need for their family, not knowing when they will get any again.

Family – every time I come here I get closer and closer to the ones I share my days with when I’m here. They are so loyal and protective of me that I feel they are my brothers.

This day was a blessed filled day for our group. I experienced things I never thought imaginable. My heart has been so broken by the way I never imagine one could live. The children that run around with almost nothing, or nothing to wear, only wanting you to recognize them with a smile or a touch…then they feel loved.

Try to imagine bringing happiness to someone’s heart with only a smile, touch, hold or a hug, when what we consider being or living blessed, would take much more to bring happiness.

Amy Hunn
Healing Haiti Team Member

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