Friday, March 6, 2009

Wednesday, March 4

In the morning, we walked back to Mother Theresa's to help feed and care for the children. Carol, Mike and John were anxious to get back to see the children they had met the day before. Carol wanted to meet with Sister Martin to discuss the adoption process. At the same time, she wondered aloud how to break it to Dave (Carol's husband) that she wanted to do it again and that not one, but three of them were tugging on her heart. We don't know "the rest of the story" but will let you know once she has talked to Dave.

Here are a few more photos of the children at Mother Theresa's...

We then headed out on a tap tap to do a couple of runs on the water truck in Cite Soliel. Carol, John and Mike were just amazed at the depth of poverty they saw. They say you can't even explain it... and pictures just don't tell the whole story. People have to come and see it for themselves. They are still processing the sights they saw and are still a bit unsettled by them. Times are so tough in Haiti right now. People in the water lines repeatedly asked us for food and money to care for their families... more desparately than ever before. At the last stop a man came up to me with his little girl and told me they needed food. I said we only have water to offer. When we pulled away in the truck he was still standing there and motioning that his little girl was hungry. We tossed him 2 tootsie rolls that we had in our back pack. He was so thankful and a big smile came on his face. He didnt stop saying Mesi, Mesi (thank you, thank you) the whole time he was still in our sight. It was like 2 tootsie rolls were like winning the lottery. How can this be when those of us in the USA live so abundantly?

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