Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too much to do...

March 9
Our trips to Haiti are always filled with too much to do. Combine that with the speed at which things move in Haiti (normally slow) and we have a recipe for disappointment.

This trip we decided we would schedule one day for ourselves... this was the day. We are very tired from being on the go... and the heat takes it's own toll. We did go to Mother Theresa's to see the babies in the morning, and met with Kevin and Legitine over lunch about the water truck, but other than that, we spent time updating the blog and napping.

Here is a photo of the Healing Haiti moto scooter that Kevin uses and Legitine who said he would never ride with Kevin on the back...In Haiti, you can never say never...and now to our room to take a nap. Jeff is snoring loudly while I have been, wait a minute...he says he doesn't snore...

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