Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5

Today we went to Titanyen and met with David Heady from Global Outreach who has been drilling our well on the Grace Village property. It was decided that we would drill a second well for the feeding program and orphanage, but saw how the community is already using the hand pump we installed on the first well and watched as they pumped water from it.

A group of young boys gathered at the pump after collecting water and started to sing a song for me. I just thought it was such a God thing. They were singing in English and the words were " are at home." Here is a small video with poor audio but enjoy anyhow...

We then went to Maranatha House Orphanage and visited with the kids. St. Michael's church in Bloomington, has just started a 15 week program with us to learn about Haiti and how the kids at St. Michael's can be the hands and feet of Jesus for the poor children in Haiti by raising money for water, food and education. They had sent cards with photos and greetings to let the children in Haiti know that they were praying for them. The children at the orphanage were fascinated with the cards. They all studied the photos very carefully. They have probably never seen so many white people, or such nice clothes! We then had the Maranatha House kids make their own cards to bring home with us for the kids at St. Micheal's. It was so fun to watch the kids draw and write messages in english about love, God and Jesus with images of flowers, palm trees, soccer balls, and houses... and with such care and attention to detail, it was very touching.

Healing Haiti just provided the orphanage with 2 water tanks that hold 450 gallons of water each and will be delivering clean water with our truck to them every other week. Until now they have been rolling 55 gallon drums down to the well, filling them up one five gallon pail at a time and then rolling them back to the orphanage. The new tanks with water delivery will make life a bit easier for them.

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