Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday, March 3

After some bumpy and scary weather with a missed landing in Port-au-Prince and a return to Miami, we finally arrived back in Haiti on Tuesday. We dropped our bags off and immediately headed right for Mother Theresa's home for sick and dying babies.

Traveling with us are Carol Plamann and her 2 oldest sons John and Mike. Carol had previously adopted 2 children, a girl and a boy from Mother Theresa's 3 years ago. Her husband Dave and his parents made the trip to Haiti to pickup the children, because Carol did not want the images and visuals of the poverty in Haiti to define who these children were or to impact how she would raise them. After 3 years, she is now ready to see the orphanage and country where they came from and may even decide to adopt again.

As always, there are plenty of sick babies and lots of love to be given by holding, changing and feeding these precious children of God. It is a blessing to see that Mother Theresa's has the support to care for all of these children. We saw more medicine and IVs being administered than ever before. I saw one child go home healthy with his mom with a big stuffed teddy bear, and new shoes that had been generously donated. We continue to see some of the same children who still have a long battle ahead to put on weight or clear their bodies of TB and/or parasites. The children that are HIV positive are given desperately needed medication and hope for life.

These children always tear at our hearts... and help us realize what is really important in life...

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