Sunday, March 15, 2009

Terre Promise School

March 11
Today we took the water truck back in to Cite Soliel to visit Terre Promise, a school we support. We delivered money for the teachers salaries to Elder and his wife who run the school. Elder has had some health issues and looked skinny, but assured us he is feeling well. We also brought him aspirin and printer cartridges. In Haiti, most schools cannot afford school books so they use their printer/copier to copy pages out of the one or two books they own. This is the only way for these children to have the tools for learning.

We interrupted every class room to show off our Kreyol...we did get some blank stares....I had lots of fun doing watercolor with the little kids.

We continue to be inspired by the experiences we have in Haiti. Here is a picture of one of Terre Promise's 11 classrooms. As you can see, they are jam packed with children who want to learn and who want a better life.

Jean then took us to Croix des Bouquet to the metal artist community which was interesting to see and then back to Titanyen to do a quick tour of Hope Mission, another mission that is close to the Healing Haiti's Grace Village property. Brad Johnson, the director was back in the states so we will have to meet with him next trip.

Thank you for following our blog and for the wonderful emails that help us when we are in the mission field. Your prayers, love and support are a blessing to us and the people we serve.

Thank you for your kind heart.

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