Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another beautiful day in Haiti.

March 8
This morning, we took the 15 minute walk to attend the childrens mass at Mother Theresa's. The mass was 2 hours long and focused completely on the children, interacting with the priest and singing. It is very touching to see what faith these children have coming from such a desperate situation.

Carol and her boys met one last time with the children (2... maybe 3) they are thinking about adopting and talked openly about who they could find to take a little girl that they had become attached to. I think they've been very touched by the people of Haiti. Please keep them in your prayers as they ponder this very important decision.

After taking Carol and her boys to the airport, we went back out to Titanyen to meet with community leaders to better understand their needs and get their support for our Grace Village project. Thirty eight people came to the little school where we were meeting including a deacon, a couple of pastors, teachers, an impoverished children representative, orphanage leaders, a technology person, a steel worker, masons, farmers and even two vodoo priests. The meeting started with a prayer from Jeff (we all know how he enjoys praying out loud). The meeting was lively and helpful to understand the different perspectives in the community. It was also a chance for us to introduce ourselves and our mission to the broader community. We didn't leave until 7 pm and we were exhausted. We ended the meeting with one of the community leaders praying in Kreyol for God to guide us and provide a way for this project to move forward. We all prayed for for direction for our project and unity for all involved.

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