Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti Earthquake: In Search of Fuel

Enel and I headed out on the motorcycle searching for fuel. Gas station after gas station were closed because no fuel. We finally saw a gas station with hundreds of people standing in line with one gallon jugs. We were desperate and almost out of fuel. We approached one of the motorcycle taxi drivers that had just received his gas in his container and asked him how long he was in line. He said 3 hours. We asked if we could buy one of his containers and after some negotiations and $20 US, walked away with a gallon of gas.

We then headed up Delma, continuing to stop at each gas station in search of diesel for our water trucks. We pulled into one that seemed to have diesel and immediately called Jean and Pouchan to bring the water truck. Within minutes the owner came out and said that all the diesel had been "presold" to a company and none was available for us. We begged and told her of our situation and that we were running water for free in Cite Soleil. After a few minutes she came back over to us and said she talked to the company and they would let her sell 25 gallons of diesel to us... but, we had to deliver a load of water to a cistern near her house. We agreed... what choice did we have.

Jean arrived and had our good friend Fanfan with him. I was so happy to see that he was OK. He told me his house was "broken" and he has been sleeping on the street. He looked good but had a worn out look on his face. He said that he was suppose to go to church on Tuesday but decided to study for his english test. He said the people he was suppose to be with at church were killed. I thank God that he is alive.

While we waited for the water truck to arrive with a load of water, I was able to watch one of the recoveries taking place. This building and the one across the street were commercial buildings with many people inside at the time of the earthquake. It is so heart wrenching to watch a large back hoe cut through the rubble while family members standby and watch. My heart is heavy... I can't imagine how their hearts must feel.

Here a a couple videos that I took of the recovery.

Here are a few photos of the blue building mentioned in the videos.

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