Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fan Fan in Alive!!!

Those of us who know and love Fan Fan have been worried sick about him. The lack of phone, internet and any other communication has made us realize how precious life is and how quick it can change. As Fan Fan said, " By the Grace of God, I have been saved". We along with many of his Healing Haiti friends are grateful for Fan Fan's safety.

Fan Fan told me he was on his way to a bible study at his church. He said he was late because he was studying for his english test. He was riding in a tap tap when the earthquake hit. The tap tap was on airport road and rocked from side to side and when he got off the tap tap "the earth was still moving". The sky was gray with dust and the electric poles were shaking. People were running everywhere... "all the people were so afraid". He said when he got off the tap tap he did not know what to do. He said he just lift up his hands and say to God "I give you my soul".

It took him hours to get back home. There was "desolation everywhere". He said "my sister thought I was dead and she went to look for me". He said "to me that's God. God made me leave my house, I didn't stay home and I didn't arrive at the church... that's God save me". He doesn't know exactly how many but says 3 people in his bible study were killed and many injured as his church collapsed.

When he got home he found his house in ruins. The front and one side wall had collapsed. He said a few minutes earlier he was studying in his house. You can see the large piece of concrete that landed on his pillow where he was laying while he studied.

Here are some pictures of what is left of Fan Fan's 1 room house.

This is the refugee camp that Fan Fan now lives in... these camps do not have aid, they are just neighbors banding together, living on the streets. Fan Fan says the building in the background is "ready to tumble". All they can do is wait for someone to come and help them. It is very desperate.

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