Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've never been in an earthquake but I got to feel what one is like. This morning at 6am, we were all awakened by the rumble of the largest aftershock since the original earthquake. After 3 days of sleeping outside, we were blessed to be able to stay with Tara and Troy Livesay, a couple from Minnesota who have a home in Haiti.

I was so physically exhausted yesterday that I planned to sleep in a little this morning but that was my plan. At 6am we were awakened by the rumble and shaking of a large aftershock. Troy said it was the biggest one since the original earthquake. It surprised me at how loud it was and how scared the entire household was and how everyone just grabbed kids and ran out of the house. Everyone is safe and the house had no damage but I could see on the eyes of the children the fear that has become a reality for them.

This is the hardest part of an earthquake... the emotional damage that it has done to both adults and children. Troy said the people living on the streets will now be out there for another week because of the fear. Rebuilding the broken buildings is insignificant compared to the rebuilding of trust and security that these children have lost.

I have not been able to get to Titnayen yet because of the lack of diesel but I hope to go there in the next few days. Here are some pictures Jean (our director) took of Grace Village.

This is one of our construction workers who was injured when a wall fell on him. Jean says he'll be alright.

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