Saturday, August 15, 2009


The word of the day was: soiled. My black shirt was completely discolored by the end of the three hour trip to Reiser Heights. I rode in the back of the truck the whole way – and my shirt was brown by the end of the night! The countryside was breathtaking. The sights, sounds, and smells completely different from the city of Port-au-Prince. Culture seems to shift once we are in the country. The mountains were amazing!

Everyone seemed relieved to step off of the toptop or truck and into the school of Reiser Heights. The kids were energetic and overjoyed to see us. We blowed bubbles, passed out bracelets, tootsie rolls – and made jokes with the kids. We also were able to feed them and watch the kids glow with laughter.

I visited Reiser Heights two and a half years ago and the change was enormous. The foundations were only there – and this time when we visited, the whole school was constructed and very much in use. Kids were packed inside – and it was the summer! I can only imagine the school year. We were given a tour and I can’t wait to see how kids’ lives are changed and molded by this school.

We stopped halfway on the way back at the Baptist Mission... with an American style restaurant– what a treat!! We ate food ranging from chicken fingers to hot dogs, and some of us enjoyed ice cream (besides David). At the end of the day we drove around Port-Au-Prince and were able to see the Palace and street markets.

All in all it was a wonderful day. It was a sad conclusion to an amazing trip. Tonight as we sit around the table we are going to say our goodbyes – but it is not the end of what God is doing. It is just the beginning. I know we all hate to leave Haiti but we cannot wait to see how God’s work will advance through this trip, not only in the work in Haiti but in our individual lives. We all feel the conviction, fire, and passion of the Lord. This light will be visible when we return to our homes. Our everyday life may go back to “normal”, but I know each one of us will never be the same.

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