Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grace Village Orphanage

This is my first Blog ever but here it goes! Tuesday, was our trip to see Grace Village, it was quite a drive up the to Titanyen. The drives are alway such a cultural lesson and an "eye opening" experience. We arrived at the beautiful land that Jeff and Alyn have purchased... it was a lovely spot with an ocean view and cactus on the property. The area is so dusty, and it was a hike up to see where they were breaking ground and literally breaking the ground and getting it ready for the Foundation with a Sledge Hammer. The task looked insurmountable, honestly, to see the men trying to break up the ground was hard to watch but they will do anything to make a living here, no jack hammers, just blood, sweat and tears.

While we were there, we stopped in to see Marie Alice's new home that Jeff and Alyn had built for her. We peeked in the door but she wasn't home. We were able to see the her Prayer House and admire the faith of a woman who lost everything in the hurricane last including her family and was left with nothing but the love of her Heavenly Father and in her misery. She turned to God and created a place to come and pray and heal. I would have loved to meet such a true follower of Christ.

From there we walked to the local market, it was unlike any outdoor market that most have or will ever see. It was crowded and hot, people every where. We were there to buy goats to give to families in need. We ended up at the market way longer than anyone had intended, I am sure, we Blanc's made "making a deal" almost impossible... our presence just drove the price up!

After much negotiation, and a bottle of the most wonderful tasting pop (we were all parched, sticky and dirtier than I have ever been) we purchased our goats...16 of them. We were given "Certificates of Ownership" for each one and we headed to go to Yvon's Orphanage.

We arrived at the orphanage and heard the children pray and sing. We heard these Children, all pray out loud, at the same time, their own, different prayers and watched as they poured out their hearts to the Lord... it was precious. These Children had nothing, Jeff and Alyn have done so much for them but the needs are still so many and so constant. We did another "Spa Day" for the children. We set up stations, painted nails, massaged their little Arms with Lotion and rubbed oil into their dry curly hair... the girls got cute little barrettes. The children were given Tootsie rolls, stickers and candy bags. We had some paper and markers and supplies for them too. Those who weren't doing the "Spa Day" played with the kids and they just had a great time.

Today was a humbling day for me. As I finished a girls nails, she gifted me by taking out my Pony Tail and combing my hair and making Haitian Braids! Well, that's just not a good look for an old "White Girl", yikes!! It was hard to sit there, and just let her do it but she did it with love and compassion, she even pointed out that I had a dirty neck and she wiped it for me... what love for a stranger. She really touched my heart. I am not sure exactly why she did it. She did ask me for the fingernail polish that I had but either way, it was done with care and love.

It is getting late and I can't blog much more, but after we presented our goats with their certificates of title, we headed for Visa Lodge and all showered and scrubbed. I think it was the best shower yet.

Another wonderful, heart wrenching day in Haiti, so unlike home, so filled with needs but we got to see God at work in those who have nothing but Him! Oh, to be like them.............
Darcy Ciatti AKA - Pippy!

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