Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another beautiful day in Haiti.

Today we went back to Titanyen to visit the ElderCare program that we sponsor. We were able to visit with a few of the elderlies, but most were unable to make it because of the heat and physical limitations. I would guess it was at least mid to high nineties with high humidity.

As we met with them and shared our thanks to Jesus for bringing us here, they all joined in thanking him for the blessings they receive. Andrenoi, the director of ElderCare introduced us to each of them and shared a little bit about each of them. One of the women was 105 years old. Can you imagine the life she has lived?

One of the men was the person that we were able to help with emergency surgery, two of the women had dresses on that we had sewn for them. Mike Lindahl, my friend who has joined me here said "The elderly seem so kind and gentle spirited". How much more can God bless us than to have the joy of helping them have a better life...

Afterwards, we headed back to the orphanage and were treated to a beautiful, impromptu singing from the children. This was completely unplanned and came about as we were asking the children what they liked. One said she liked to sing, so Jean our director in Haiti asked her if she would sing for us. She came and sang a beautiful song. Afterwards a few others came up and did the same. Please take time to listen to these precious angels as they sing for you too!

Mike Lindahl was also a brave soul. He sang a beautiful song for the children that they really enjoyed. Most of the children hummed the song in the background. Enjoy!

Finally, here are a couple of pictures of Mike playing with the children. They love having someone fun like Mike to play with.

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  1. Hey Jeff!!! Just want to say "Thank YOU" for taking such great care of the Love of My Life!!!! You are such a blessing to both of us!!!!! Thank you also for being so faithful to the calling God has given to you. You are an amazing man!!!


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