Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A time for babies...

Today started out as a kind of sad day for me. Mike and I were heading to Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity... a home for sick and abandoned babies. The reason I was sad is because it is one of Alyn's (my wifes) most favorite places in Haiti. Her illness prevented her from coming on this trip and it was hard to go there without her.

What also made me sad, is as we left our hotel on foot, we passed one of the women who works at the place where we're staying. She asked if my wife was here and I told her of Alyn's illness. She responded with such sadness for her and said she would keep her in her prayers. So many have asked about her... including the nun's at Mother Theresa's who are praying for her.

Mother Theresa's is such a special place because they care for babies that are not only innocent and beautiful, but some of the poorest and most vulnerable children in the world. They have nothing to say about their life or the circumstances they were born into. They are all so precious and Mother Theresa's is God's hand working in Haiti.

Burned Scarred Children
If you ready my earlier blogs, I've posted about all the burn scarred children that I've seen and met in Haiti. I've wondered about the circumstances of their injuries but have no answers. Earlier this week, I was met at one of our watering stops by one of the burned children I met last year during my two month stay. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to meet another of these children again at Mother Theresa's. She was there to see her baby brother. I passed her in the hall and she looked at me and I looked at her. I turned around and said to her "Camion – Dlo – Bucket by Bucket" (camion = truck, dlo = water) and she immediately remembered me. We hugged, held hands and she took me to her little brother. Here is a picture of her... asking me for my cell phone number.... she wants to stay in contact.

If you click on her picture, you can see how terribly scarred her arm, face and hand are.

Dear Lord,
I pray that you keep the burned scarred children of Haiti safe from future harm and protect them from stares or comments from those that see them as anything other than your beautiful child. Give them strength and faith to live a life for you knowing that your unfailing love is enough. In your loving and precious name we pray, Amen.

Reiser Heights
In the afternoon, Mike and I took a ride up to Reiser Heights School in Lespinasse/Donte. This is the school that Father Resier started and the one which with God's grace we were able to add classrooms to. We knew the students were out for summer break but needed to pay teachers salaries and discuss the upcoming school year.

Mike was surprised with the wonderful view that is available from the school of the valley below.

Finally, here is a small video clip of the ride down the mountain. The roads are so rough and bumpy... see what you think.

We thank God everyday for his hedge of protection, keeping us safe and secure in our mission and blessing us with opportunities to be his hands and feet in Haiti.
Thank you for visiting and reading the Healing Haiti blog.
Jeffrey Gacek

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