Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Day in Cite Soleil

Monday we returned to Cite Soleil to deliver more water to those in need. But before we got started, we stopped at Terra Promise, a primary school in Cite Soleil that we fund. We were greeted by Elder Morland, the director of the school and about 60 children that are taking summer school classes.

Some of the children were being tested to meet the requirements to go to the next grade, while others were being individually tutored while still others attended a full classroom setting. One of the benefits for these children of attending summer school is being fed a meal each day at school.

Afterwards, we were off to deliver four 3500 gallon loads of water to various neighborhoods in Cite Soleil. It is interesting going on these different water runs how different they are from each other... some being more orderly, some being more disorderly... but all having the same common thread of people desperately wanting the water we bring.

The other common thread is how much we all need to be noticed. Children are everywhere, just wanting to hold our hands, full of joy... smiling, laughing, tugging at us... they are our small blessing to us from our living God.

I've mentioned previously how many burned scarred children I've seen down here during the last three years. Here is another that just breaks my heart...

In an attempt to bring Haiti back to you, and let you see through our eyes, I've taken a few photos of our stop today and a few videos that I've uploaded to YouTube for your to watch.

Please continue to pray for strength and safety for Mike and I and for God's loving grace for the people of Haiti. We humble ourselves before the Lord giving him all the glory for the work that we do. It is only through the grace of our living God that we are able to be here and do what we do.

This is a video of an earlier delivery. I am under the truck filming trying to show the actual delivery of water into the buckets.

This is a video looking over Mike Lindahl's shoulder. I am trying to show you a view of what he sees as he loads the buckets.

Here is a video of our last water delivery.

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