Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear God –

Dear God –

I thought I knew what the definition of mercy meant in Your eyes. I have been blessed to walk with the brokenhearted for several years in a care ministry program at church. However, I was taken to a new level of understanding the action of mercy on a mission trip to Haiti. You had our team visit an elderly neighborhood in Haiti. During this visit, I met Edmond; an elderly Haitian man living in a one man tent in the hills of Titanyen. By your grace, I was given the privilege to sit with Edmond. Walking into his tent, I thought that I would be given a chance to show mercy to Edmond. I was allowed to put my arms around him, hold him, feed him, and pray with him. Then, I experienced a moment of a lifetime. Edmond put his arm on my thigh. At that moment, it was not me that provided Edmond mercy. In that moment, God, you were showing me mercy through Edmond’s touch. What’s more, Edmond, could be an angry and outraged elderly man. Yet, I witnessed a man filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Edmond is a man who is grateful for visitors, food, water, and a hug – the simple things in life.

I will be forever thankful, Lord, that you used Edmond to inspire and humble me. Thank you, Lord, that you have positioned Edmond in a place which defines mercy at its deepest core. Thank you Lord for, once again, unveiling my eyes to humanity's basic needs in order to survive which includes mercy. 

Written by Russ Scott

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