Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A blog posting from our friends at Real Hope for Haiti.

A blog posting from our friends at Real Hope for Haiti.

Pillowcase Dresses – Such a Blessing!

We are always so humbled and thankful when we see how God is using people all over the globe to show His love to the Haitians here in Cazale.  Real Hope for Haiti has been blessed by receiving so many gifts and donations over the years from selfless, generous givers.  Each one is special and we’d love to blog about them all, but that’s just not possible.  Sometimes, however, a special story behind a donation makes us pause and savor God’s graciousness, and we absolutely must share it with you. 
This is one of those stories.
We got the message recently that a mission team from Healing Haiti had brought in some suitcases filled with donations for RHFH.  Healing Haiti teams have often brought in donations, carrying them in their luggage.  Receiving donations and supplies is logistically very difficult and costly here in Haiti, so it is always a cause for celebration when incoming travelers are willing to sacrifice space in their luggage (not to mention the hassle of handling extra suitcases in the airports) to bring needed items into the country for us.  Once the team arrives in Haiti, all we have to do is drop by and pick up the suitcases from them. 
The Healing Haiti suitcases didn’t just have pillowcase dresses inside, but baby formula and medication as well!  Wow!
This particular team was from St. Michael’s Church in Bloomington.  Prior to their trip, team member Margie Schroeder was aware of a big project that a young lady by the name of Caroline was undertaking:  making a huge number of pillowcase dresses for children who need them.  As God so often does, He brought several people together to accomplish this project, a project that would result in little girls at RHFH being clothed in adorable pillowcase dresses.    

Caroline, from Eden Prairie, MN, is a 17 year old high school senior known for having a heart for the Lord and for serving others.  She is a Girl Scout in Troop 10279.  
 ”I actually learned how to make the dresses about 4 years ago from my great aunt. My great aunt taught my mom and I how to make them just as a fun activity, but this past year I thought that making the dresses would be a great idea for my Girl Scout Gold Award Project. This is the highest award of achievement in girl scouting and it involves about 80 hours of service.”  Caroline sent out flyers to ask for donations of pillowcases to make the dresses out of.  She held a workshop one day in August at Prairie Lutheran Church, where several people gathered to join in the effort to make the dresses.  She had recruited many neighbors and friends to assist in ironing and putting Bible verses on each dress and praying over each child to whom the dresses would clothe.
According to Caroline’s mother, Gail, “This project will continue as over 20 women from our church want to make dresses every August to send to Haiti!”  This is very good news since our girls love the dresses, as do the staff.  They are cool and comfortable, hold up well through handwashings, and make it easy to continue caring for the child while wearing the dress, even if the child has an IV or bandages.  Several individuals and groups of supporters have made pillowcase dresses for the girls here at RHFH over the past couple of years.  Every time we receive a new batch, it’s always fun to see the cute patterns and personal touches the crafter has made.  We just love pillowcase dresses!   
Thank you so much to all those who were a part of making these sweet dresses and getting them to us here at RHFH.  Thanks to everyone who has given of their time and resources to help further this ministry in each and every way God has equipped you.  All for the glory of the Lord!
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”     Romans 8:28

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