Monday, November 8, 2010

What a wonderful and heartbreaking day!

What a wonderful and heartbreaking day! We spent the entire day distributing water from the Healing Haiti watertrucks. It was an was an experience that will forever stay with me. Our team worked as a well-oiled machine as we all fell into our place and found our spots either on the water line, manning the hose, moving buckets forward or simply, and it sounds simple but it isn't, play and engage with the people we were serving. It's incredible how something as simple as water can mean so much for people who don't have it readily available. We had a steady rain the day before and all through the night and that caused a few problems for those trying to get around the city. I couldn't even imagine what the devastation would be like if Hurricane Tomas had touched down on this land that has seen so much suffering during the last year.

Christ has been with the people of Haiti throughout their ordeals and I feel priviledged to be able to, in a very small measure, be of assistance in doing HIS work.

We are coming to the end of our stay and as I reflect on our trip, I can't help but think...what else can we do to help the people of Haiti help themselves? People adapt to their circumstances no matter where you live in the world; however, in Haiti, that takes an extra dose of perseverance and courage.

As we start our last day in Haiti I can only hope and pray that the plight for help from the people of Haiti is heard around the world and that the local government realizes that much work work needs to be done.

Healing Haiti has done an incredible job providing for those who have nothing and humbled by their dedication, stamina and determination.

God Bless

Andrés A. Parra

Healing Haiti Team Member

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