Saturday, November 13, 2010

Her love for those the rest of the world ignores...

Alyn Shannon, one of the founders of Healing Haiti wrote in her journal on one of her trips down here...." What is God trying to teach me" with several examples of all that you see here. Yesterday was such a day for those questions.

We woke up to breakfast ala Chalyne and me- eggs were a farmer's daughter meets a Creole Haitian. :) I want to find or bring home some of the spice they have here. It just makes everything better. :) Then it was off to deliver water.

The water deliveries were in City Soleil- Haiti's "projects" if you will, though our "project" communities have a life that is far better than these. Stop one was to city 21- a neighborhood that is always visited by the Healing Haiti groups. These people literally live surrounded by the garbage dump. As I got off the truck, I found this little boy waiting for me- as I knelt to say Bonjour to him, he pulled me close gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. What is God trying to teach me? We delivered water- a more appropriate way of saying this would be the rest delivered water, I played with children with a few other people from my group. We walked out along a path to see the homes in this village. Nothing more than tin and tarp, some made with small trees interlaced with upright "posts", but all is surrounded by garbage. The pigs go through the same garbage the children forage through. What is God trying to teach me? My little buddy stayed with me through the walk and it was heartbreaking to put him down. As we traveled to the water station, I was reminded of how my mom had said their sermon Sunday was on how God knows everyone's name.... this little boy may not have one, or just doesn't know his. He is not insignificant to God though- no matter where his life may lead...

The second stop was again filled with children- I found myself surrounded by a whole group of them- and jumped, played, simon says, the children showed me "limbo" and "gai pai"... You'd have to be here. :) I helped with the water truck next- it was literally crazy to experience. It was less crazy when I saw just how many buckets these women had with them, knowing this was all they would get for almost a week.... maybe longer. The desperation for clean buckets of water makes watering our lawn, or water balloons hard to handle. We have how many bathrooms in our homes, how many sinks, and even having one is more than these people will ever have or know. I found another "special" child"- a little girl this time about 4-5 who snuggled in and fell asleep.

The last stop was in the area literally called the project here. There was a parted out remnant of a car, and these little tin/ concrete/tarp combinations of homes, with sewer running along each side open for slipping into (when a Haitian says ..." ooh... " like EW you know it's bad!) I played with some older kids and helped hold the hose for the water truck... as well as took a few buckets to the homes to help carry. I found a 12 year old boy who proudly professed he was a gangster. What kind of life will he have in front of him? What does a gangster look like in Haiti?

As we returned to the house, Rach and I made dinner and after some down time, received a call from Jeff, Alyn's husband. Alyn has been battling cancer for the past 2 years, and the word from Jeff last night was that she was no longer responsive. Perhaps it is not about what God is directly trying to teach me, but rather what God is showing and teaching through this woman I've never met. Her faithfulness, her willingness to be obedient... her love for those the rest of the world ignores. I told Tom, Jeff's brother, this morning that the song Thank You has just randomly been in my head for the past two years- I can only imagine that is the welcome Alyn will be receiving. God is calling her home- as I imagine her being called His good and faithful servant. Her quilt of life may be tattered, but I can only imagine hers has the face of Christ shining through the holes. God has blessed me through her story. Please pray for her and Jeff in these final days.

Ke Bondye Beni'ou.

Love you all.


Healing Haiti Team Member

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