Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another week in Haiti

Six months after the earthquake and I am sad and disappointed to say that not much has changed. Still rubble in the streets, collapsed buildings everywhere, and tent cities that seem to have become permanent residences. Yet still I see the hope, resiliency and faith of the Haitian people. I wonder how they go on...

This week we had Al and his daughter Jill from Kids Against Hunger join us for a day on the water truck, also visiting our school in Cite Soleil and another day trip to Grace Village and the Orphanages. Kids Against Hunger has donated 500,000 meals to Healing Haiti and they wanted to see where it is going. It was awesome to spend time with people who "get it" and have worked so hard and given so much. Als wife died of breast cancer 3 years ago and is now exploring the seminary. I could tell how much he missed is wife, talking about her often and sharing memories. It really hit home for me.

Our next visitor was Scott Anderson from EagleBrook Church. After picking him up from the airport, which was an experience in itself... (we were late to the airport because according to Haitian American Airlines the flight was delayed...but wasnt really...) we headed off to Gertrudes Orphanage for special needs kids. As always we were greeted with hugs, shrills of joy and pulls and tugs from these beautiful children. After a quick visit we took Sue Fleck, a good friend and neighbor who is working on the adoption process with Gertrude and who was staying there on the "Earthquake Tour".

I recognized all the same buildings that collapsed as thought it was 5 days after the Quake. Much of the rubble in the streets...still there...a concrete jungle that took a rumble was still intact. Down by the palace it was if time had stood still. The buildings still in the same position as they were when they flashed across our TV screens on January 12. A huge tent city in the park houses thousands of people that lost their homes and have no where else to go.

Discouraged, we then went to Visa Lodge for pizza...thats always a good comfort food! Al, Scott, Jill and Sue were amazed at how deep the devastation was and still is...but all felt much better after pizza came.

The next day Al and Jill headed to Jacmel by bus accompanied by Fabrice, while we took Scott on the water truck. I gave him a wet hand towel to wear around his neck and told him it was going to be hot and this would help cool him down. Hot doesnt even begin to describe it...We did 2 stops in Cite Soleil where Scott worked so hard that I thought he was going to collapse, but he assured me thats just what he looks like in the heat. Puffy, red, bulging eyes, sweat pouring down...well you can see by the photos...

We then visited Enel's house, one of the truck guys and Scott got to see his one room house that is repairing with hopes of adding a second story. Annel has been living in a tent city with his family for 6 months while being treated for TB. Healing Haiti has provided for his medical care and repair of his house along with the go ahead now to build the second story. Enel has the responsibility to care for his brothers 2 children who worked on our water truck for 2 years and died from AIDS. He also has a new baby, a mother and a sister who live with him.

At our last stop I was happy to see some 25 small concrete homes being built funded by sisters from Rome. As I played with the children I noticed bones mixed in with the rocks and stones. The kids were quick to tell me that they were human bones and then went on an adventure collecting them. It just made me sad.

Next we heaeded toward Grace Village. Scott and Jeff did alot of talking. Im sure Scott was sharing some of his expertise...

Next we brought lots of smiles to Evons Orphanage with a little fashion show. The older girls had a blast picking out some fashion outfit and walking the walk!

Scott at the end of a long hot and hard day...

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  1. We are anxious to hear more about the homes that are being built in Haiti. You mentioned concrete homes by the Sisters of Rome..

    Do you have any additional information on these homes?

    We are working hard to get a new concrete mixer designed especially for Haitian home building... http://cart-away.com/haiti.htm


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