Saturday, November 17, 2007

What do all these children have in common?

Is it a bloated stomach from malnutrition?

Is it the look of despair?

Is it the tears they cry?

Is it the everyday chore's they have to do?

Is it the need for love?

Is it the fear of the unknown?

Is it the need to be held?

Is it the scars both seen and unseen?

Is it the patience they must have to survive?

Is it being lost?

Is it just another normal day in Haiti?

Is it the longitude they were born?

Is it the latitude?

Is it the need for clean water?

Is it the need to be clothed?

Could it be the need to be cleansed?

While it may be all of the above, the answer is
"They are all precious children of God".


Jeffrey Gacek
Executive Director

Connecting people who have much and need little...
to those who have little and need so much.

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