Monday, November 19, 2007

Another week in Cite Soleil, Haiti.

It is good to have company. My brother Tom, came down and spent the week with me. This was his fourth trip to Haiti but first one in ten years. His comment after the first day was "Haiti is no better than the last time I was here... in fact it might be worse". That was sad to hear but so true... many parts of Haiti are worse off or at least no better than they were 10 years ago.

I looked forward to showing Tom first hand, some of the things that I've been sharing in my previous emails. The first thing for Tom was the water truck. Learning how to ride outside the truck and delivering water to the poor was one of the highlights of his trip. It was great having another body to help manage the lines, play with the children, shoot some wonderful candid photos and to give a break to the workers when they were tired. What a luxury. The children now say "Tom", "Tom", "Tom" in addition to "Jeff", "Jeff", "Jeff"... they are the highlight of our day.
I thank God for Tom's visit and keeping him safe during his work in Haiti. I pray for a safe flight home tomorrow and for the ability to share what he has seen with those who care.

Jeremie Wharf
We again made a run into Jeremie Wharf. It rained very hard the night Tom got in and Jeremie Wharf was a mess.
How do you describe what life must be like when you can't even imagine it? Please pray for the people of Jeremie Wharf.

Cite Soleil
Even in Cite Soleil, the heavy rain had it's impact... imagine if your house was in the middle of a mosquito filled swamp...

St. Damien's Children's Hospital
We stopped at St. Damien's, Children's Hospital on Friday, a new hospital built by Fr. Rick Frechette ...

and took this picture of this beautiful little girl...

Fr. Rick Frechette, founder of St. Damien's, asked us if we could deliver a load of water to a refugee camp for people who lost their homes in the hurricane. When we arrived, we were met by 500 people... men, women and children... who had only the clothes on their backs, they had lost the very little they had... and now had very little food, almost no water, and no bed... just a bench or the floor to sit or sleep on. As if life is not difficult enough in Haiti... you wouldn't think it could get any worse... but this makes you realize it can. Please pray for the refugees of Noel.

and for this little boy, a cardboard and string is his only toy...

Here is another picture of the beautiful little girl in Haiti...

it is so very sad... Please pray for the burn children of Haiti.

Even though I experience extremely difficult things here in Haiti, God is using these experiences to teach me about true compassion, the tug at my heart is so real, to see hope that this little girl has in her eyes and the gentle smile she is able to give... is God's gift
to me.


Jeffrey Gacek
Executive Director
Connecting people who have much and need little...
to those who have little and need so much.

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