Monday, December 22, 2014

New Library Arrives at Grace Academy

Library Lead Advocate Ann Spinner felt God plant a seed in her heart in March of 2013 to bring literature to Grace Academy.  Through as string of miracles only God can receive credit for, 6,000 books were donated from a variety of sources, namely Books for Haiti, who donated 5,200 books.  Receiving donations was just the beginning—with help from family and friend, Ann orchestrated the processing and cataloguing of all 6,000 books at her dining room table.

The books were shipped to Haiti this past summer, and during the week of December 8th, Ann traveled to Haiti to work with other short-term missionaries and staff to assemble shelves, unpack, and organize books in the two new library buildings.

This library is such a blessing to students and teachers.  Many staff have shown interest in helping to manage and take care of the library.  We are so blessed by Ann, whose tireless energy to follow through on God’s calling made all of this possible!

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