Friday, October 17, 2014

Want to Really Make a Difference? Join Us as a Volunteer Intern (in Haiti!) or as a Volunteer Advocate!!

Healing Haiti continues to grow, and we couldn't be more excited about what God is doing through our ministry.  Along with this exciting expansion comes the need for additional committed volunteers.

We are specifically recruiting for volunteer advocates for various roles related to the Bakery & Job Creation Initiative, as well as three intern positions that would take place in Haiti!  See below for 

Discipleship and Education Advocate
The Job Creation and Community Oven Team is seeking an Advocate for Discipleship and Education who will partner with our team to create the faith foundation and discipleship curriculum for the Training Center. This position will develop and bring Jesus to the center of the following curriculum:  financial, discipleship, bread-making, and entrepreneurship as well as creation of a community kitchen bread oven certificate program.  

Community Ovens Purchasing and Resale Advocate
Grace Bakery project needs you as an Advocate!  The Community Ovens Purchasing and Resale Advocate will partner with our team to: develop and manage both mobile and brick/mortar wholesale business; inventory, equipment and delivery fleet management; pricing, money handling procedures and security; delivery driver hiring and management.

Finance and Savings Advocate
Join the Grace Bakery project as a Finance and Savings Advocate!  This Advocate is needed to partner with our team by providing accounting functions for the commercial bakery, identifying profit and expense strategies; handling accounting and management of the employee savings account program; and assisting in developing the finance curriculum.  Use your gifts for God’s work!

Community Oven Construction Advocate
Community Oven Construction to develop the prototype commercial bread oven, and identify, develop and train Haitians to construct these ovens.

Come and partner with our team of Advocates in establishing our roadmap for the Community Kitchen and Training Center!  If you or anyone you know feels God’s nudge to consider an Advocate role, please contact Mike McCain at

Healing Haiti also have several life-changing opportunities for people who are interested in volunteering for a 3-month internship position in Haiti!  The following internships are available:

Elderly Intern
You will care for 28 elderly in our ElderCare program and oversee the ElderCare Artisian Program.  You will help evaluate and prepare new elders, as well as work with our Haiti ElderCare employees to ensure excellent care for all elders in our program.

Guest House Intern
The Guest House Intern is responsible for working alongside Healing Haiti’s Guest House employees, supporting and guiding short-term missionaries and overseeing the Guest House operations.    

Grace Village Program Coordinator Intern

The Program Coordinator will work alongside the Grace Village Staff and Long-Term Missionaries to support the operations of Grace Village and to develop programs and activities for our children, adolescents and elderly.  You will help coordinate all programs at Grace Village including children's activities, setting up a small market, organizing donations, working with mission Team Leaders and more.

Full position descriptions are available.  Please reach out to Cathy LeVahn at

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