Monday, June 23, 2014

A Beyond Powerful Experience: Healing Haiti Child Sponsorship

Volunteering on the Healing Haiti Sponsorship team and getting to meet Bondja, a child at Grace Village that I have the wonderful privilege of sponsoring, was an unexpected part of my time in Haiti, but one I can't imagine it without. 

During my trip to Haiti, and after our team met one night at the guesthouse, I started to write in my journal and reflect on the day. Sitting at the kitchen table, I started thinking about how I had always wanted to sponsor a child somewhere, help them achieve things we often don't even give a second thought to. I began looking through the Healing Haiti sponsorship page and immediately one of the kids at Grace Village just jumped out at me. Bondja liked studying and wanted to be an engineer some day, really liked to eat rice, and loves to play soccer all day. What a great kid! I decided that night to sponsor Bondja. I remember praying that night that I would get to meet him. And wow, did God show up. Two days of the trip I was able to visit him at Grace Village. We talked about school, and how he loves to study and learn (he told me he spends every Saturday on the playground studying!).  We spent time on the swings, he schooled me in soccer, and on our last day we took in the most powerful worship service I've ever been to. 

Deciding to sponsor a child and then having the opportunity to meet him, spend time with him, learn about his life, ask his questions, see him laugh—it’s an experience that is difficult to describe, and is beyond just powerful. I look forward to Team Izaites returning to Haiti this October and to get to see Bondja again. He may never know it, but he changed my life that week down in Titanyen, and for that, I'll be forever grateful.

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