Friday, March 30, 2012

I can only pray that one will read this and it will touch their heart to listen to the words from a broken heart for the impoverished, less fortunate, the afflicted and the lost and do something. My hope is that one may possibly be open to hearing the nudge on a heart to serve God’s people and His people of Haiti. In America, we are the wealthiest country in the world materially. I believe this because I see so many put their trust in material things, in their jobs, in their money, in the activities that they do in order to surpass the time, to suppress the pain of the emptiness they feel from seeking material things. What we so often do not comprehend is that we will be supplied with everything we need through our Heavenly Father….I know this because I was deeply there and periodically fall back to that empty place.

It is America’s addiction…STUFF. If you think about’s a temporary fix to an eternal situation. Your new house, new car, new outfit, new hair color and cut, new shoes, new purse, trip to a luxurious resort, etc. will never be able to fill the hole in your heart. It is only through Christ that one will be able to become whole hearted once and for all. Again, I know this because I have been there. Often I say…I have been through so much and many different and difficult experiences that I can only be here to hopefully help others learn what NOT to do because I know where it leads and if I can help someone steer clear of trial and learn from my mistakes…so be it. We are here to be used not to sit on the sidelines.

So as I am here in Haiti again, it is amazing to see what God is trying to reveal to me…but only here where I am away from all my stuff relying solely on God and completely centering my focus on Him. I cannot imagine how many people here in Haiti would take my life over theirs. But I wish I could take their life over mine in America. I would take walking 5 miles over a $30,000 car, I would take a tin shanty over a $500,000 let a lone a $100,000 house any day. It keeps me living the life God intended. It keeps me focused, centered, and saturated in Him. And in the end…it doesn’t matter what you have or had…it’s the condition of your heart and what you have done with the gifts you have been given.

Throughout my time in Haiti, God has shown me the many blessings I have here at my American home. I am a single mother who lives paycheck to paycheck. I struggle to put food on my daughter’s plate yet somehow God ALWAYS provides. I may not have a home I own nor a big house to host others or to look like I live better than everyone else but I have a house that I "get to" call home. I am privileged enough to have a roof over mine and my daughter's heads, the luxury of a car-nothing big or fancy, that I "get to" drive to my blessed job that I may live under the American standard but I am blessed to live a very abundant life compared to the rest of the world. I make over $20,000 a year so I am in the TOP 5% of the WORLD'S WEALTH. I have a job where I serve people who want to make the "outside look good” and the “inside feel good TEMPORARILY”. With what I have experienced in Haiti, I struggle with people spending money on "STUFF" that one really does not NEED to SURVIVE everyday. Yet I realize that God has placed me in this industry to be "THE VOICE OF THE POOR" to some of the world's wealthiest people yet some of the most lost people in the world. I say"lost" in means of searching for the significance of life, our God given purpose. I am sent by God to be the light in the darkness and I have been abundantly blessed by the God given opportunities to travel to Haiti and being able to bring my 13 yrs old daughter 3 times in one year. I may not have much but I have this calling on my heart from God and am choosing obedience. I have sacrificed my own personal pleasures to serve “the least of these” in Haiti. It is not about me…it is about serving others and loving others as Christ does.

I know that we all do not have this calling of "Haiti" but ask yourself through your life and everyday...What does God want from me today? What can I do in order to fulfill all His desires for me. Each person has been called to a purpose in life. Be still and allow the Lord to do His work in you and guide you where He has planned. You may not be equipped but God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. Trust me, I never thought that I could be a here but I am with my daughter in Haiti. I think she is more at home here than I am. She sure lets the Spirit move her. Kira has this way of picking out the ones that no one else sees. I thank God for her faith. She keeps me moving on days that I seem to slow down. Praising God for her today as always.

Kira and I were called to serve in Haiti, for one reason or another. I believe our journey does not stop when we return home, it only continues. America is OUR NEW MISSION FIELD. God gave us some of His children’s stories in Haiti to cherish and to share with others. I cannot help but ask myself…What have I done with the gifts that God have given me? The revelations, the stories, the pictures, the love? Have I shared them? I have met these people that God so perfectly placed in my path for a reason, He has given me a new lens, a new voice, a new opportunity to serve, and the many blessings I have received through going to Haiti. I come back home and have this firestorm in my hearts…now to figure out what to do with it, to keep it burning and from not burning out. I do not know where this week is going to lead me but I am praying that God will give me some revelations and to reveal the path that He has chosen for me...

All this I pray every one...Be Still and the Lord will fight for You...Let Him lead you, guide you and protect you. May we live in His name, in His ways, with His love...all for His Glory.

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