Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stripped Away

We have come to Haiti as
  • mothers
  • fathers
  • bosses/ employees
  • sisters
  • brothers
  • coaches
  • volunteers
  • home owners
  • licenced drivers
We can all describe ourselves by the roles we play, the jobs we do, the places we live and the home we own.  Our t-shirts speak to the things we value or activities in which we participate. 

In Haiti, these are stripped away...

Here we can identify what it is that really makes us "tick."  When you take away all those titles, I am left with the knowledge that I am a person
  • who is willing to serve outside of my comfort zone 
  • who can give love regardless of color, health or location
  • who is comfortable being dirty and sweaty in exchange for the smile of a child
  • who will move beyond my own feelings of nausea or dizziness so I won't miss out on a moment at the orphanage
  • who desires nothing more than to serve God fully and completely
In two days, I will fly home and return to my roles and titles.  But, at my core, I know who I am.  I know what I will do.  And, I know Whom I serve.

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