Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glwa pou Bondye! (Glory to God)

We got an early start Thursday morning and headed to Guillaume’s orphanage near Cite Soley (Soleil) As we approached the orphanage gate we could see the children were wide eyed at the gate waiting for us!! Their embrace melts you. We walked through their rooms and were reminded of the run down indescribable conditions the kids lived in.  It was incredibly humbling and sad for me. The kids loaded onto the bus some holding their bibles that were being held together with layers of tape nothing else other than clothes.
As the bus entered the gates to their new home you could hear singing voices. Forty beautiful lives moved into Grace Village on Thursday! It was an amazing and emotional experience. The sweetest innocence, the sense of contentment and joy filled the rooms today as the children settled in. The new playground set the stage for the day’s events. They swung for hours!! When it was time for them to get ready for bed they grabbed their baskets and towels and marched off to take their first shower. They enjoyed the shower SO much that they took two. As the day was drawing to a close, they sat in their beds with such satisfaction on their faces! I went to say bonwuit (goodnight) and saw a sweet boy reading his new beautiful Kreyol (Creole) bible out loud. I thanked and praised the Lord for all the incredible moments we got to witness as His plan unfolded. How faithful He is to these sweet kids and they are so thankful!
Today Gary drove the Kubota from the guest house to Grace Village with FanFan. He was in his glory.  When we arrived many of the boys gave Jeff sweet letters.. I wish I could better understand their thoughts and experience. One child said it was like paradise. They loved to be held and touched. I spent time with the oldest girl today and as I rubbed her back she slowly moved closer and closer with the sweetest smile. They are truly amazing kids. Allie and Lindsay don’t want to leave, we love these kids so much mom, they say! We are so blessed and humbled to spend Christmas at Grace Village.

Glwa Pou Bondye!
Becky Nelson
Healing Haiti Team Lead

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