Thursday, September 2, 2010

I realized how blessed I was...

Upon returning to Haiti just six months after the devastating earthquake I realized how blessed I was to have the opportunity to do so! To see the smiling faces on the many children that I had met just days before this country was shook to it's core was absolutely amazing. To hear their sweet voices was encouraging. To feel their tender touch was overwhelming. To see that through the fear, the shock, the destruction of many of their homes and country, the loss of family members ~ that they had not lost their spirit or their faith in God is unbelievable! I am so grateful to witness this firsthand!

While at Mother Teresa's, with the realization that I may be the first person ever to tell the orphaned babies that I love them, or possibly to be the last person to hold them before they go to heaven is an honor beyond compare. When my time with these beautiful children of God is so limited, I strive to make the few hours that I spend with them some of the most enjoyable moments in their lives through praying, singing, rocking, holding, feeding, changing and snuggling! It is awesome to see, and even more so to feel, the special bond between two total strangers through the simple gifts that I am able to share with these children and the imprint that they leave on my heart forever!

When I visited the ninety year old blind lady who sang and danced for me when I met her in January, I was sure that she would have now lost her spirit! Not so! Ever so proudly, she stood up on her cardboard mattress and sang and danced for me once again and it was remarkable, especially seeing and realizing just how frail and fragile her body was. The smile on her tired but ever so loving face was incredible! Hearing the excitement in her shaky voice as she gently touched my face and stroked my hair was breath-taking. She brought tears to my eyes. Although she could not see me, she could hear me, she could feel me and she knew that I was there for her! She knew that I did not give up on her after her world was turned upside-down, rather I showed up ~ again, and because of that her blind eyes sparkled with such happiness! She physically held my hands, however, she spiritually touched my heart forever!

We have so much to learn from the people of Haiti! We must never quit, we must never give up and we must never lose the faith no matter how hard the battle is! God will never quit on us, he will never give up on us, he will never lose his faith in us! God will be there always! When all else fails, when there is nothing else . . . you can count on God to be there! In your lowest moments you can count on God to lift you up, to turn you around, to plant your feet on higher ground!!! GOD IS SO GOOD, HE'S SO GOOD, HE'S SO GOOD!

In the end . . . I have come to realize that those who have nothing ~ really have everything ~ for it is not the materialistic things in this world that matter, it is the faith and relationship that you have with God! Those that have everything ~ really have nothing ~ because their focus is purely on the tangible things of this world! To live your life for a greater purpose than your own makes everything you do from day-to-day so worth the effort put forth! Everyone has the ability to make someone's life better - no matter how big or how small your ability is. To know that you have the ability to make someones life better is truly a gift from God!

It is obvious that Haiti is no longer in the news, Haiti is no longer talked about in daily conversation, unfortunately, Haiti has been forgotten once again! It is the personal responsibility of those that have the opportunity to witness life in Haiti first-hand to come back to the United States and keep Haiti front and center in the minds of those who have a heart for the people of Haiti. Haiti needs us now more than ever before. We must not forget those who have absolutely nothing and yet ask for so little. We must never forget what God has placed on our hearts! I know that I never will!

Paulette Carroll

Healing Haiti Team Member

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  1. What a wonderful blessing it is that you have the oportunity so see and interact with these amazing children and families. They take my breath away just seeing the light in their eyes through pictures. I can only imagine how my heart would just burst if I were to have the oportunity to be in their presence.


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