Saturday, November 21, 2009

When I think about Haiti...

When I think of Haiti... I think of beautiful children, endurance, mounds of garbage in the street, watchful eyes and deep wounds. I think of Shelley always smiling, Jeff being mischevious, Zach dancing on the beach and Marco gently comforting a baby. I think of contrast, charcoal, tootsie rolls, chaos and faith. I think of disfigured feet, rows of metal cribs, the rumble of the water truck, simplicity and sunshine. I think of hunger, grace, rocks, drinking from a coconut and crying. I think of strength, fevers, bombed out buildings, the crowded marketplace and helping. I think about spicy peanut butter, hair ribbons, hernias, honking when you drive around a corner and the homes they live in. I think about hope. I think about God. I pray that I never stop thinking about Haiti.
Healing Haiti Team Member

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