Friday, February 13, 2009

A Miracle in Haiti...

As many of you know, we've been attempting to drill a well in Grace Village, Titanyen, Haiti on the land that we purchases last summer. The first attempt was at the highest point of our land and after 190 feet, we hit gray clay/mud which is a sign of a dry well. The second attempt was in the lowest valley on our property where a small stream flows during the rainy season... again at 60 feet we hit gray clay/mud and a dry well.

We were told by David Heady, our well driller from Global Outreach that he would attempt one more drilling near the entrance of our property but if they did not hit water, he would recommend not drilling again. Last night after four days, we were informed that again, we had come up with a dry well. They said that they were pulling the rig and moving onto another job.

We obviously were very disappointed but thought, "we'll just have to build a large cistern and truck the water in... that's all we can do..." But with Christ, all things are possible.

When I called David this morning I was going to thank him for all his hard work but instead he said "Jeffrey, we have water!"

This morning, Feb 13, 2009, by the Grace of God there has been a miracle at Grace Village. David went to finish pulling the rig this morning and could not believe what he was seeing. In the 30 years that he's been drilling wells, he says he's never seen this happen. He told me they looked in the hole and it was full of water.

We give all the praise and glory to God for he is faithful. We thank all our friends and family for their prayers and support during this venture. We want you to know that you've been part of, and have witnessed, a true miracle from our Lord and Savior.

Thank you. All glory goes to God.
Bondie Beni'ou ("God Bless You!")
Jeff & Alyn

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