Sunday, October 28, 2007

Update from Haiti...

Ok... so I'm feeling a little vulnerable tonight...
My wife emailed and said she was canceling her plans for this evening so that we could chat about my difficult day. Please know, that I'm OK.

I spend a lot of time in solitude at night, listening to my favorite "God Songs" and trying to focus my energies and efforts for the next day. Last night I went to bed early and listened to my favorites. One song really took on significance by the lyrics and I listened to it over and over. I think it set my whole mindset for today. The song played over and over in my head all day. The song is "The Blessing" by John Waller. Here are the lyrics...

Let it be said of us
while we walked among the living
let it be said of us
by the ones we leave behind
let it be said of us
that we lived to be a blessing for life

let it be said of us
that we gave to reach the dying
let it be said of us
by the fruit we leave behind
let it be said of us that our legacy
is blessing for life

this day
you set life, you set death right before us,
this day
every blessing and curse is a choice now
and we will
choose to be a blessing for life

let it be said of us
that our hearts belonged to Jesus
let it be said of us
that we spoke the words of life
let it be said of us
that our heritage is blessing for life

for your Kingdom
for our Children
for the sake of every nation

I realize, I am living this song, and my job just gets that much more important. We missed three bucket by bucket deliveries yesterday and when I asked Alain what we do about it, he said we just go to the next day's schedule. I wonder about the people we missed...

At one stop, I hopped off the truck to clear the way as it backed up. The roads are extremely narrow with houses one foot off the curbs. We were trying to back around a three foot garbage pile and people were just pushing and shoving to get to the back of the truck with their buckets. I am always concerned about a child falling under the truck. A little girl about three, with only a shirt on, was pushed or fell as she was trying to climb over the garbage. She landed flat on her face. Everyone just ran by as she laid there and cried. I went over and picked her up. As she spun around to hug me, she was very surprise to see me but after only a second, wrapped her arms around my neck, put her head on my shoulder and just cried. She would not let go. I sat down and hugged her and comforted her. I am surprised no one ever came for her. It made me very sad.

I think God is really opening my "feelings", and letting me feel the pain of others. It is good. I am OK. I just wish I could do more.
Please pray for the poor.

Jeffrey Gacek
Executive Director
Connecting people who have much and need little...
to those who have little and need so much.

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